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nearly 6,000 local workers are forced to take unpaid time off and they may be getting their money back. a money-of suggest princege prince george's county may have backfired. hurricane bill is now a category four storm. we'll get the latest track from tucker. we know the vaccine is on its way. we know what schools plan to do. the question is how will your boss handle a swine flu outbreak in new guideline are out today. we'll run through them as fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. we're glad you could join us for fox 5 morning ne. ws
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a live look outside right now. i'm he gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. one group of local residents with clean-up ahead of them. take a look at this damage from overnight. a large tree branch fell through the roof of the penn southern apartment homes in capitol heights. at the spite the inconvenience, nobody was hurt. >> i guess some areas did have storms yesterday. >> i certainly did. i had a lot of thunder and lightning last night and very heav rain as it moved through about 8:00 last night. rain across the . area. i want to show everybody hurricane bill. it is now a category four hurricane. it has gusts to 150. the scale only goes to five so this is almost as strong as they get. it will be encountering ever warmer water. likely to become even stronger.
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i'll have more on bill coming . . let's look at local weather and our satellite-radar showing yo u thd ndertorm acvitorm havi ttyty ttit moved through. ivy ittt tg ing showerct down towards bethany and rehobothout here during they e moving hext re t during the next couple hours. we have a lot of clouds to start the day. we have very humid conditions an very mild temperatures. we really never cooled off overnight. look at these temperatures currently. 77degrees at reagan national and with the dew point temperature near i0,s 7t i tvet uncomfortable out there. both dulles and bw incident marshall 73 at ts hour. here is your forecast today. a partly to mostly cloudy day with high temperatures back into the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll go with th 90s here in town and 9 # town towards fredericksburg -- and 92 down towards fredericksburg. let's check in with julie wright and find out what is happening on the roads.
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got off to a busy start. >> absolutely. we had the crash along southbound 9 at lockwood drive. that was involving the overturned vehicle. we had the wreck on the outer loop of the beltway at the big curve before you merge from 270. the ride northbound on 395 as you leave duke street and continue up towards seminary road, all of your lanes are open in the main lines and the hov. no accident to report at the wilson bridge. traffic runs smoothly between oxon hill and alexandria. in montgomery county, southbound 270 leaving germantown headed out towards the split. all lane are open as you work your way south of 118 and working your way out towards democracy boulevard. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thank you very much. fox 5 is here to help you land the perfect job this morning. our job shop phone bank and web chat are up an running. now, through 9:00 this morning, these experts are on hand to answer your questions about how
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interview up your resume, how enskour interview skills, whatever you need to know. oueshy b te ablesho ablp you out. you can join in on a web chat w nigni rnengt oh and hie,er cklic o e,click on the job shop to check out actual job openings . thss ouea ar at is on the on-line portion only. that is all skill levels, all fields. also some resume an interview tips on that web site. a good resource to check out today. our top stories, police are versioning after the owner of a pizza shop in northeast wash was found dead behind locked doors. the victim is 44-year-old shahabuddin rana of silver spring. his brother would co-owns the pizza mart contacted police yesterday when he couldn't get inside that business. at a 24-hour operation and because of that, police say the business has had its fair share of theft and loitering in the past. >> we get a lot of disorderly calls to the corner of fourth
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and rhode island as well as fourth and adam. largely due to that being a 24- hour store. a lot of people tend to congregate. >> investigators are hoping the public will help them determine how the pizza mart owner died and who is responsible. a northern virginia teach trusted with students stands accused of inappropriately touching two teenaged boys. shannon arnold patterson turned himself in monday. he teaches at belleville middle school in prince william conty. inveigats say the touching did not occur on school grounds. they say one of the students received sexual text message s from patterson. governor kaine has announced plans to cut another $1.3 billion from the budget. and maryland is facing the same
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issue of budget cuts. new this morning, thousands of bridge county employees forced to take furloughs could wind up getting paid for that time off. the "washington post" is reporting a federal judge has ruled that the furloughs were unconstitutional. nearly 6,000 workers had to take up paid time off for 10 days. that ruling means that the county may have to pay employees for that time costing county millions of dollars. several unions have filed lawsuits over the furloughs. the judge says prince george's county violated union contracts with guaranteed employees' hours and pay. now to some of another big stories we are following this morning. an international swine flu conference begins today here in the nation's capital. conference leaders are expected to put out advice for businesses looking for guidelines on how to deal with the swine flu panyanouvath democratic. most cases are mild to moderate. the h1n1 virus appears to be as deadly as the seasonal flu but
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swine flu affects younger people. afghan authorities are reporting threats and violence ahead of that country's presidential vote tomorrow. officials say at let three militants were killed in the afghan capital after a bank was taken over by men armed with rifles an hand grenades. a car bombing struck yesterday killing at least seven people. there are concerns that violence could hurt turnout at the polls. the afghan foreign ministry is asking the media not to report on any fighting or attacks tomorrow until the voting ends at 8:00 in the eke. one of america's most influential urinallists, robert novak, has died. he pass wade at his home here in d.c. after battling brain cancer. novak's column inside report with fellow conservative roland evans and in newspapers all over the country. the s known for unveiling identity of cia operative
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fining a job opening is just the start of the search p of the lands it, have you now ave the right resum an how to wow them in every interview. we have the wow them experts on hand to answer your questio you can click on the job shop link at the top of our web teenage page to look for job opening in our area. making headlines this morning, the man at the center of the investigation into michael jackson's death is now breaking his violence. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth and i have
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faith the truth will prevai >> dr. conrad murray posted a video on youtube thatchings his friends for their support. he says he made the video because he was afraid to use his phone or e-mail. police are investigating if murray gave jackson a powerful sedative that may have led to his death. 40 years after woodstock, some babyboomers have still not let go of one part of the 1960's. the percentage of those who reported using illicit drugs near lie doubled between 2002 and 2007. the substance abuse and mental health services administration says the continued drug use is likely to put further strain on the nation's health care system. time now is 1 12 minutes after 6:00. he retired, came out of retired and he retired again. >> bret favre is back on the
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field when fox 5 morning news continues.
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that interview. that is where our panel of experts comes in. we have a group here this morning planning phones to answer your questions right now. the number to call is up on your screen. we also have a web chat on that will run through 9:00 this morning. so hopefully, it will help you out. in sports, number four is back but wearing a different color once aain as bet favre is wearing the purple of the minneapolis vikings. he is out of retirement again even though he has a red practice jersey o he signed with the vikings and joined the team as training camp wrapped up. >> can i have an opinion about that? >> sure. >> does anybody really want him to come back? >> the viking. >> he needs to just -- look i'm a huge bret favre fan but he needs to retire. >> he has done everything you could possibly do. >> what more does he want?
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>> apparently another year. >>$12million. >> not going to get paid $12 million for this forecast although i would like to be. this is ota stca re. we forecast. hoers and s thunderstorms move through overnight. things quieting down at this ho. ho nein washington, you can see we're looking fine. thins are drying out a little bit. we have some lingering showers across the lower eastern shore. i'm tucker barnes. i'm in the tony perkins. i'm tucker barnes. you notice the blinking is still taking place here. that is indicating a lot of lightning notice out to the west, out towards west virginia, still some showers and that will be another line of showers and thunderstorms that will move through this afternoon. bring along an umbrella. i think we'll see more showers and thunderstorms return a little later today. let's go to satellite-radar and take a look at the bigger picture here. and the shower and thunderstorm activity that puffed through last night pushed off the coast
6:18 am
here but out to the west, this is a very tropical air mass. this is the remnants of tropical storm claudette. we'll see for the only humid conditions but the showers and thunderstorms will return a little later this afternoon. very, very mild start to the day. it is 78 degrees in downtown washington. 80 in fredericksburg. our dew point temperatures running in the 1r0 already. that is hurricane bill. you probably need no introduction at this point. maximum winds, 15 miles per hour with gusts over 150 -- 135 miles per hour with gusts over 150. it look like it misses land areas t will squeeze between bermuda to its east and the seaboard on the west. this is a dangerous major hurricane at this hour. plenty of clouds. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms return. high temperature a little cooler than yesterday about 90 degrees. wind will be out of the south at five miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast.
6:19 am
more showers and thunderstorms the next couple of days. stronger cold front during the day on saturday. it will dry us out. by sunday afternoon, our high temperatures will be in the middle 80s. best part, the huge will be a lot lower by the end of the the weekend. let's get to good news in the way of traffic. that means julie wright. i hope it is good news. >> the pressure of good news. all right. tucker, we are tracking the weather -- the weather. that's your job. we're tracking the traffic. we have problems right now. this is lower 14th streetat constitution avenue. we have reports of an accident involving apedestrian. the activity tying up the right lane as you travel along southbound 14th street headed over towards 395. there is also activity in the median or i should say in the striped zone there, the walkway, for those continuing to work their way along constitution avenue. we have a lane blocked on southbound 14th street and along constitution avenue there as well. no other incidents to report downtown right now. all of your lanes are open. you will find light traffic volume if you are working your
6:20 am
way along -- our camera is down there. if you are travel ago long 95 through springfield headed up onto 395. this is the beltway at new hampshire avenue. no accidents to report as you continue through silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. doe manhunt onvirginia power customer are soon going to be paying more for service. starting in january, customers will see their monthly bills increase about $3. the reason is dominion virginia is in the process of building two new power plants in the state. it's win-win for candidates for virginia governor as democrat creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonald each pick up big endorsements. our business beat is coming up next. markets looking a little bit better after a rough start to the week. soy are you feeling lucky? hopefully, a little luck runs
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rubs off. e powerball an megamillions jackpots still growing. powerball stands at $250 million. megamillions,$207million.
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new york's attorney general is looking to crack down aa debt collector. andrew cuomo says he is trying to shut down the beeping smith group for what he calls violation of state and federal law. in some cases, they are calling consumes are drunksdeadbeats and lowlife pieces of trash. the staff has talked to emwith similar complaints in other states. things are looking up after
6:25 am
a bad beginning to the week. chris cotter is with the fox business network in new york with our business beat. good morning. >> good morning, gurvir. >> we'll start things on an up tote after kind of a bat -- on an up note after kind of a bad tart earlier in the week. >> you hay bad end of last week a bad upon. bulls took control on tuesday. and then overnight, last night, we haded a big selloff in asia. trading lower in europe and we're going to trade lower most likely when the opening bell reins at 9:30 because our futures are lower other than though we had a good day yesterday. up almost 83 points. it is just one of those things that we'll see probably for the rest of august is that you have low volume so the volatility increases significantly. you have days where we're up a hundred and down a hundred. we may have the case in point today. >> there was a little bit of
6:26 am
good news and that is in terms of what is going on in the retail world. maybe it has something to do with school starting up again but retail numbers are up. gee retail numbers came in yesterday. that drove the market yesterday. you had t. j. maxx. you home depot coming in and saks on the high end. we've seen the retailers missg on the revenue side but they are making their profit numbers because they are cutting costs and discounting. they are managing their inventors a lot better. that can only go so far. if they can get the revenue back, then they've already cut those costs and that is when they make big money. that is what i lot of people are hoping down the road. >> real quickly, before we let you know, it was a housing market that just sort of drove the economy into the tank and it looks like at least new home construction for single family
6:27 am
homes up a little bit in july. >> that is the key. multiyou family unit was down 13% but single family homes up for july. that is the fifth straight month so we are heading in the right direction. and we need the consumer to come back. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. coming up next, thousands of local workers forced to take unpaid time off may be getting that money back. rise was one of the talking about jobs. fox 5 is here to help you land that perfect job from fixing up your resume it all the right things to say once you get to the interview process. experts are staffing the phone this is morning to answer your ques io. ns. you can also look at listing across our area r deunthe job shop link at the top of our home page atde
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back now at 6:30 with a check of today's top stories. government will release guideline on how bys can deal with the swine flu pandemic the world health organization predicts eventually up to two billion people will be infected with the h1n1 virus. although most cases are mild to moderate. the swine flu appears to be as deadly as the seasonal flu but it affects younger people. metro says it its trains will operate if manual mode
6:31 am
indefinitely. they have been running manually since the deadly crash back in june. metro says the trains will not switch back it automatic operation until all of the problems rhetted to the are fixed. union officials are making sure the operators have sufficient breaks it keep them sharp while rolling the train. summer storms proved dangerous as a large tree branch fell right through the roof of the penn southern apartments in capital heights. no one was hurt. tucker is back. tony is taking the day off today. we had storms and now we just have muggy conditions. >> i just stepped outside. nice and clear at this moment but it won't last. we'll have the clouds move back in. we did have the showers and understorms move through last night. parts of the area got a soaking. other parts of the area just a few lonely drops of rain. >> that was my house, the long drops. >> sorry. you get some rain today. you can see the shower and thunderstorcttyviai exiting to the east. still hanging out at this hour down towards the lower eastern
6:32 am
shore and the beaches. a lot of clouds down there too. here in wagtstinhion, we're waking upn with partly cloudy skies and you will note i the humidity out there. the dew t inpotemperatures are running in the low 70s. that is how the atmosphere is very moist here. we'll see the showers and thunderstorms redevelop in the tropical atmosphere. there you go. that is an unpleasant combination. 77degrees and humidity, 82%. wind are trying to shift out of the north but i think they will start pushing out of the south and the southwest a little later today at five to 10 miles per hour. there is your pressure. a look at your forecast today. if you liked yesterday, you will love today. it will be a little cooler today with high temperatures about 90. but again, it will feel very summery out there. a lot of humidity and the showers and thunderstorms developing about noon today. we'll take another look at hurricane bill in just a moment. >> let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic out
6:33 am
there on this morning, early morning. was going on? >> it is okay. can you say it, hump day. we start the off with the crash on the outer loop of the beltway working around the curve and the fender bender 27 at brink road and 29 at lockwood drive. all of that is cleared. so the lane are open once again. fors to leaving 50 headed eastbound towards 123, the lane are open with no incidents to report. 66 already starting to back up just a bit in manassas traveling between the two 234 interchains. slow traffic again from 50 to 13 and close in nutley street to the beltway. southbound 270 incident-free right now leaving 117. that is clopper she haded southbound out towards the lane divide. no accidents to report downtown. earlier crash we had mentioned involving a pedestrian 14th and atta constitution. that has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this more than, thousands of prince george's county employees forced to take
6:34 am
furloughs could wind up getting paid if that time off. the "washington post" is reporting a federal judge has ruled the furloughs unconstitutional. nearly # thousand worker had to take unpaid time off for 10 days. ruling means the county may have to pay employees for that time costing county millions. several unions have filed a lawsuit over the furloughs. the judge says that prince george's county violated union contracts with guarantee employees hours and pay. virginia governor tim kaine is being forced to trim the state's budget again to cope with the economic crisis. lawmaker say the governor will announce plans today to cut $1.3 bill wrong from the state's cash strapped budget. it will be the four time that governor kaine has had to scale back spending. we could learn more today about which specific programs may be cut. it appears that maryland is also in for budget cuts. governor o'malley said he is working with the board of public work to slash state aid to local governments. he mentioned on wtop's ask the
6:35 am
governor show that local governments will see about $250 million in cuts. police are hoping the public will help them solve a murder mystery in the district. the body of a small business own was found on the floor of this pizza shop at fourth and rhode island avenue. police say the victim's brother and coowner showed up yesterday morning and called police because the doors were locked and he couldn't get inside. once officers got inside, they found the body of 44-year-old shahabuddin rana of silver spring. the news is shocking to the people who knew the victim. >> i never had no problems out there. i i go in there and buy my little icee drinks. he was always nice to me. >> they are very hardworking people. that is terrible. that kind of thing really shouldn't happen to nice people like that. >> homicide detectives are trying to figure out how the victim died, who is responsible and why allof the doors were locked. soy a teacher in prince william
6:36 am
county has turned himself in to police. shannon patterson is accused of inprospectively touching two 15- year-olds. still add, there are concerns being raised about a new vaccine that millions of women and girls have already received. remember our fox 5 job shop phone bank and web chat going on right for you through 9:00 this morning. before experts answering your questions about what to do once you r eng inin for you. they can't provide any job f you but they yobuthey can e.esy adforer an rte th rsh theru tumpes that type of thing. ca ngt mo oxdu yfm oc.can go to there you can find scific job openings if you click on our job shop link on-line. s
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from part-time to full time entry level to seasoned professional, the job shop on is really just a great resource if you are looking for a job out there. and once you find what you're looking for, you' got it apply for that job and you have to make sure you is a that interview. so we have a panel of experts here with us this morning manning the phones to help you polish up that resume, kind of help you get ready for all that- important job interview. i want to talk with kathleen kirk. you actually help professionals finds jobs, the executives out there. >> i do. >> are there jobs available i guess would be a key question. we keep hearing the job market is tough. >> it is tough but there are jobs out there. it is important that people have a focus as to what they want to do because that make it easier for them to zero not job they're looking for and pursue
6:41 am
that. >> you say zero in on specifics, are you finding a lot of people may have been in one field but they are now fine tuning and shifting gears a litt bit. >> sometime the knee jrk reaction can be to mechanic a left turn or try to do something different. in today's market, that is more difficult. with the constricted opportunities, employers are looking for people who have already done what they need doing. >> how do you make sure if the market is so styte and there are a lot of people looking for the same job, how do you macyourself stand out? >> that is a great question. i think the way you stand out as opposed to others, is being able to show to the prospective employer that not just what you do but how you do it can help advance their experience. sometimes people talk about i've got five years or 10 years or 15 years. it is more important to say
6:42 am
because i have that, i can help you solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity. >> you make a really good point. for a left college graduates, it is kind of tough right now. this saying somebody who has more experience than i will perhaps get the job. and the older folk are saying, oh, no, i'm too old. it is the young people would have the leg up. >> it is but you know what? both skill sets, both demographics have a lot to offer. even college students, odds are have done a lot in their college career that has a lot of applicability and transferability to the work force. we are getting calls from people in one line of work and want to switch to another. people would are wondering what type of education or training would help them move into other areas. great questions about interviewing. when employers ask you, do you have any questions for me, what is a good way to answer that. >> what is a good way to answer that. >> they always ask it and it may sound like a courtesy question. they are looking at it as a litmus test. are you prepared?
6:43 am
are you incident rhetted in knee. it is important to have a question to ask. >> and have some information about the company. >> absolutely. >> you have to show you are there if i areason, not just because they had a job. >> i heard just yesterday that a lot of employers are actually look at social networking sites like facebook. so be careful what you put on those sites as well. >> you want to be careful what you put on those sites. >> i'll let you get back to the phones. thank you very much. we are going to be here with esthe thinuthomo thrne morning until 9:00. we have live web chats going e this dcrn. yo omcayfu .cdcox. m can you click on that and chat with somebody. they can we are questions for you. they 'ton wee bablto actually teablyol thu speci jfieobcl available and help you get a job but maybe once you apply, they can help you get a leg up. stick around. at 7:15, we'll detail how to work around our web site. a man in noard says he was held in jail for three months
6:44 am
all for carrying mints and rolaids. don may was arrested at an intersection in may of 2005. the arresting officer thought the mints and rolaids were crack cocaine. it took three months if a lab to run tests. when the test came backing intive, the state dropped the charges and they released him. he spent those thee months in jail. nobody paid his rent. he lost his car in an auction. now, he is filing a federal civil rights case. new technology could help labs with food quality control as a first step toward developing an artificial tongue. the device can tell the difference between 14 types of sweeteners. it us k. produce a result in two minutes. >> wow! >> everything this morning. >> we are watching a hurricane
6:45 am
out in the atlantic and dealing with the humidity here. >> i want to start with hurricane ill because it is now a category four hurricane. we went to bed last night, it was just becoming a category three. it continues to intensify. looking most impressive on the satellite-radar. there you can see it, the eye very dirveght now. another round of hurricane hunters. the aircraft will fly back through the storm over the next couple of hours. maximum winds, 15 miles per hour gusts over 150. it ooks like it will only get stronger over the next day or two. it is moving to the north and northwest. -- there you can see it, the eye very distinct now. maximum winds about 135 miles per hour.
6:46 am
it will track off to the north and west and then get pushed to the north and northeast. it looks like it will avoid any land areas including baer humidity aalthough it will probably bring very high surf along the eastern seaboard ads -- as we get into the weekend. we'll see how that affects us but i can pretty much guarantee we'll see high surf by the weekend. we had some showers and thunderstorms move through. can you see some lingering showers and cloud cover down towards ocean city this morning. very tropical air mass overhead. you will notice the humidity. i mentioned it earlier. i am guaranteeing bad hair days for just about everybody out there. out to the west, we have more showers and thunderstorms that will be firing up and moving through the washington area by this afternoon. i would say any time after about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon, look out for the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms. temperature, look at that.
6:47 am
it is 77 degrees at 6:00 in the morning. 73 in baltimore. 78 at patuxent naval air station. very mild start to the day. a little more cloud cover than yesterday. so we see our afternoon high temperatures a little cooler than jed yed -- cooler than yesterday. wind will be out of the south at five mirpdz. your five-day forecast, if you like showers and thunderstorms, you will love the next couple of days. 91 tomorrow. more showers and thunderstorms through saturday. then a very strong cold front will come through and really start to cool us down by sunday and you will notice the humidity. that will be much more pleasant by sunday afternoon with high temperatures in the middle 80s. because of the absence of tony being we have pushed off ask the weather guy to tomorrow. i want to encourage everybody to send in your questions to and remember, we'll answer absolutely necessity question, weather-related or not. let's get to on-time traffic nly and only julie wright. the >> so a little rain over at the
6:48 am
montgomery county fair, that is taking place off of 270 and 124 right now. >> i went last year. it was fun. >> they have a funnel cake with your name on it. >> i'll go. >> we are checking out the commute. here comes the sun. outer loop of the beltway slowing from 95 college park headed around towards college avenue. all of the lanes are open. early morning wreck, we were showing you that at lockwood drive, the lane are open once again. northbound 395 right here at duke street, heavy, slow and steady as you work up towards seminary road. lanes are open in each direction at the wilson bridge but the outer loop will slow leaving van dorn street headed over towards telegraph road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> finance, fox 5 is here to help you land that perfect job. our job shop phone bank and web chat are both up and running now through 9:00 this morning. we have ieexperts on hand to
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anhiisl ngupe th lishing up the resume, sharpening your interview schools or whatever you need to know. you can call. >>eor can ryou join in on the web cpnghanipe happening p right now. hick on the job shop to check out jobs across the area. it is a great resource you want to check that out. let's take a look at what is ahead on fox 5 morning news later. d.c. public schools head back to class next monday and continuing up at 7:00, chancellor michelle rhee will be here and we'll talk to her to make sure what parents need. forget the annual trek to the stores. we have ways to save on your supplies on-line with pretty good discounts. at 8:00, michael vick is make i go a public push to prove he is done with dogfighting. humane society president and ceo will join us to talk about the humane society's
6:50 am
partnership with the disgraced nfl star. on call this morning, a warning to men as researchers at johns hopkins university school of medicine in baltimore found that sleep-related breathing disorders like severe sleep apnea can raise your risk of dying early. men between the ages of 40 and 70 or most at rusk butt risk is not as high for people with milder sleep-related breathing problems. there are more questions being raised about the hpv vaccine. millions of gyres and will between the antis after nine and 26 have received the vaccine. thirty-two deaths have been reported. it is unclear if the deaths were directly linked to the vaccine. two recent studies have shown a low rate of side effects. you've seen the clips. you've heard the rumors. it has been talked about ad nauseam and now it is your chance it see it go down firsthand. >> the highly anticipated octomom, the incredible unseen
6:51 am
footage airs tonight here on fox. anita vogel has the preview. >> reporter: looking to tell her side of the story, nadia sulaiman tries to take control of her life on the two-hour fox tv special. after giving birth to octuplets conceived through in vitro fertilization, th mother of six became a mother of 14 and was thrustnto an intense and often harsh spotlight. >> it is particularly intense in this case because of the truliy disturbing circumstances of the birth. the idea that she is not married. the idea that she has had all 14 children through scientific means, through artificial insemination, the idea that she clearly has no coherent plan for raising 14 children. >> reporter: expect never before seen footage of the
6:52 am
single mom, up precedented access to her kids, private moments and new interviews with nadia expressing her doubts, fears and feelings. >> i screwed up my life. you screwed up my kids' life. swat heck am i going to do. >> i think it has been embarrassing to her to be portrayed as someone attention grabbing or freaky. i think she want to be portray ad as a loving mother. >> reporter: since giving birth to her latest eight, her story has become a tabloid gold minute and a debate fueled by all sides. >> the social workers think this is a false legation but thank you for being so open and transparent with us gentleman it is unhell hi to be phase night by this story. it is completely normal. >> she has to have a way of supporting these kids. on one hand, she seems completely out there and on the other hand, she has kept very good control of the situation. >> reporter: is in the last
6:53 am
we'll see of the mother of all mothers? >> there is a length of time for a so-called sensational story. and one of of the things that keeps this story going is that there are chapters. we are all curious to see what happens to her and these kids. what happens to our opinion of this situation. >> reporter: octomom airs on fox wednesday night. in hollywood, anet avogel, fox news. >> -- anita vogel fox news. >> that is tonight here on fox at 8:00. >> tuck are will be watching. coming up next, have you ever thought what it would be like to work ate zoo. >> a lot of people would think it is really cool. that is what holly is doing next hour. she will show us what it is like behind working g sces wog with some of the national zoo's biggest names. there is one them right there. (announcer)  it's time to raise the bar
6:54 am
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good morning, everybody, i'm holly morris. i don't know what you're doing on this wednesday morning, but i am taking care of elephants. we're live at the national zoo this morning. we're going behind the scenes. come on in and say good morning to am bicca. we're here today because the zoo is gearing up for a huge asian celebration going on for you and your family this weekend. we'll tell you why you want to
6:58 am
come on out and be part of the pachyderm party and we'll help them get ready. we're going to help them clean some stalls and give an elephant a bath and give lots of attention here to am bicca, because we're celebrating her birthday today and she is 61 years young. that's what i'm going to say. you never looked so good. and we'll talk about the life of an elephant here at the zoo and what goes on and the important studies and conservation work going on here and the biggest thing of all is we'll tell how you can can come on and have a ton of fun this saturday. gurvir. >> holly, thanks. weo dnt to remind you that fox 5 is here to help you land that perfect job. from fixing up the resume to the right things to say once you land the interview. we have experts on hand
6:59 am
staffing the phones to es nsquio touo y e. have. e mbnu o t the telenumber to call is 202- 589-3307 or go to our website at and join in on e web chat. and don't fgeort you can look at listings across the area under the job shop link which is at the top of the page. time to turn things over to allison and steve. and i'll be headed back over to the job bank at 7:15 to talk with them about some questions and tips for people. >> a lot of folks helped this morning. thanks, gurvir. thousands of you have been forced to take furloughs to balance a budget. >> and i judges ruling means you might get paid after all. a pizza owner

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